Consul General Pan Xinchun Presents Trophies for Champions in Closing Ceremoney of Huaxia Cup Chinese Games

With osmanthus fragrance in autumn breeze, the second Huaxia Cup Chinese Games concluded in Napier Gym on October 25th afternoon. Over 300 athletes took part in the games inclusive of local Chinese scholars and students from Mainland, Hong Kong, Macow and Taiwan. Nearly 1000 people came to cheer for the athletes.

Mr. Pan participated enthusiastically in the table-tennis and badminton matches interacting with other players warmly. He presented trophies and medals for the champions and had a group photo taken with them. Prior to the presentation Mr. Pan delivered a brief remark extending warm congratulations to the successful launch of the games and expressing heartfelt appreciations to the sponsors for their elaborate panning & arrangement. He spoke highly of the games in terms of health improvement, friendship enhancement and elegant demeanor, which enriched the life style of local Chinese communities. Therefore, Edinburgh Chinese Consulate General offered colossal support and financial aid for it. He hoped that the games with growing influence and more participation would be able to cover the whole Scottish area gradually.

The Huaxia Cup Games was cosponsored by Edinburgh Chinese Professionals Association and Edinburgh Overseas Chinese Scholars & Students Sodality obtaining substantial assistance from Edinburgh Chinese Consulate General and local Chinese enterprises. The event adopted team competition plus knockout form including football, basketball, table-tennis and badminton, among which football is a newly furnished item appealing crazily to the local Chinese football fans. The Games has become an annual sports event for local Chinese and students with its tenet of physical exercise, making friends, exchanging skills and promoting friendship.

After fierce competitions on two Saturdays, Watt University Team achieved the basketball champion. Edinburgh Chinese Community Team and Edinburgh University Team won the badminton and table-tennis champions separately. Football champion went to Edinburgh Chinese Community Team as well. Eventually, Edinburgh Chinese Community Team won the Huaxia Cup by total score ranking first of the four teams.

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