Consul General PAN Xinchun Pays a Visit to Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

On 27 November, Mr. PAN Xinchun, Chinese Consul General, paid his first visit to Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, and was welcomed by Mr. Simon Milne MBE, Regius Keeper of the Garden, Professor Pete Hollingsworth, Director of Science and Dr Alasdair Macnab, Director of Corporate Services. Mrs. YU Zhili, wife of Consul General, and Consular Attache Mr. ZHU Ge also attended.

Appreciating the cordial invitation by Mr. Milne, Consul General Pan paid tribute to the Garden for its long-term effort to promote close cooperative relations with Chinese botanical research institutions, and the remarkable achievements made by the Garden in botanical studies--especially regarding plants of China. Mr. Pan said, the Garden has a long history of cooperating with its Chinese partners, with fruitful outcomes having been made. As a country of extensive territory across multiple climate zones, China is rich in flora and fauna, which means a huge potential in botanical studies. Preserving the largest Chinese plant sample library in Western World, the Garden is world-famous not only for its great job of collecting and cultivating Chinese plants but the brilliant relative research. However, this can’t be achieved without cooperation and joint efforts by the pioneers of both sides. Consul General said that the Consulate General of China in Edinburgh will firmly support the strengthening of bilateral interaction in professional fields as always, and hopefully greater success could be obtained by our joint efforts in future.

Mr. Milne warmly welcomed the visit by Consul General Pan and his entourage. The Regius Keeper said the Garden has set a permanent office in China, and even an exclusive tour site named "The Chinese Hillside" in Edinburgh. For years Chinese experts have provided great support and assistance to the Garden. No doubt China is an imperative part in the plant world, and also in the field of botanical research. The Garden looks forward to further expanding further cooperation with Chinese counterparts, and welcomes more Chinese experts, scholars and tourists to visit the Garden.

During the visit, Mr. Simon Milne and Professor Pete Hollingsworth arranged Mr. and Mrs. Consul General a brief tour to the Garden, and accompanied them to the library, herbarium and the Chinese Hillside. Consul General Pan listened with great interest to the detailed description of the staff, and collected electronic image data of precious specimens with his own hands.

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