Chinses Consul General Pan Xinchun Attended the Scotland-China Association Primary School Art Competition Prizegiving

On 27th May, the Scotland-China Association (SCA) Primary School Art Competition Prizegiving was held in the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland. Chinese Consul General Pan Xinchun attended the event and presented the prize to the winners.


Consul General Pan expressed his congratulations to the winners, sayiing he was very pleased to see so many students entered the competition and created lots of excellent art works centered on China. Though they have never been to China, the works of Chinese Dragon, Giant Panda and Zodiac Monkey they created are so lively and impressive. With the development of the China-Scotland relations, Chinese language and culture become more and more popular among Scottish teenagers. So far, 5 Confucius Institutes have been established in Scotland, and more than 20,000 primary and secondary students are learning Chinese language and culture. Consul General Pan encouraged them to learn more about China by learning Mandarin as China not only has Panda, but also has long history and splendid culture.


During the event, Peter Lindow, Chairman of Edinburgh Branch of SCA, displayed the winners' works and encouraged pupils to understand more about China and create more good works. Ms. Barbara Smith, Managing Director of the Zoo gave the pupils a vivid Chinese Classes on the topic of Panda followed by a visit to Giant Pandas at the Zoo. 


Participated by eleven schools and over 200 pupils, Primary Schools Art Competition is held by the SCA.

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