British Season for Beijing Excellent Films and TV Series Launched in Edinburgh

British Season for Beijing Excellent Films and TV Series in 2017 was launched in Edinburghon 5th June, which was attended by Mr. Li Wei, Chairman of the Standing Committee of Beijing Municipal People's Congress, Mr. Pan Xinchun, Chinese Consul General in Edinburgh, Rt Hon Frank Ross, Lord Provost of Edinburgh and Mme Helen Moonie, Provost of South-Ayrshire, along with 100 industry representatives from Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television as well as Creative Scotland.


Chairman Li Wei said the current world is in a trend of deepening international exchanges and cooperation. Beijing highly values the exchanges with other countries and its twin-cities to learn from each other. Beijing is focusing efforts to develop film and television industry as a key area for cultural exchanges and communication. The platform, built up through the "Overseas Season for Beijing Excellent Films and TV Series", not only showcases the strength and characteristics of Beijing film and television industry to British friends, but also provides culture institutions of film and television program making from both sides with more opportunities for mutual exchanges and cooperation on producing films and TV series, contributing to cultural exchanges between the two nations.  

Consul General Pan expressed warm congratulation on the launch of the event, pointing out that China's film and television industry has seen fast growth in recent years with more and more products favorably received by audience at home and abroad, opening a window for showcasing Chinese long history and splendid culture as well as enhancing the understanding of contemporaryChina. This year marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations at the ambassadorial level between China and the UK as well as the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Consulate General in Edinburgh. Positive progress has been made in bilateral relations with fruitful achievements in cultural exchanges. He believes that the event will absolutely enrich bilateral cultural exchanges and cooperation, improve the understanding of Scottish people on films and TV products from China and consolidate the foundation of friendship and cooperation between China and the UK as well as Scotland. 

Lord Provost Ross welcomed the visit by Chairman Li and his delegation, saying that the City of Edinburgh is a world heritage city recognized by the UNESCO, possessing unique history, architecture and traditional culture and providing shooting location for companies of film and television from all over the world. Edinburgh enjoys close ties with China. Over decades, several delegations from Chinese cities have visited the city and many documentaries have been captured here, increasing popularity of Edinburgh both in China and the whole world. Particularly, since the establishment of the Shenzhen-Edinburgh Creative Industries Incubation Center, business collaborations between the two sides have seen positive results. Edinburgh is willing to further strengthen cooperation with its Chinese partners. He wished the event a great success.  


ProvostMoonie said that China's film and TV industry has become well-known to the world with its rapid development. Scottish film and TV products also play their parts in the world with widely knownscreen characters such as James Bond and Harry Potter as well as with fabulous images from South-Ayrshire. Today's event brings significant opportunities to industries from both sides for mutual exchanges and cooperation, enabling Scottish people to appreciate fabulous products from China. The event is also beneficial for Scottish businesses in film and TV area to develop in the Chinese market. 

The event, organized by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, was joined by British Propeller TV and 16 Beijing businesses from film and TV industry. More than 20 Chinese films and TV series from Beijing will be shown by Propeller TV collectively.

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