Chinese Giant Lanterns Light up Edinburgh

On the evening of 29th November, Chinese giant lanterns show was official launched at the Edinburgh zoo, attracting crows of people. Chinese Consul General Pan Xinchun, Edinburgh Lord Provost Frank Ross and representatives from all walks of life attended the ceremony.

Consul General Pan extended warm congratulations on the opening of the event, saying Chinese lanterns have a long history and exquisite workmanship and convey the yearning for a happy life and best wishes for the Chinese new year. With the large scale and fantastic lanterns, this show will enhance Scottish people’s understanding of Chinese culture and marks the beginning of the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations.

Lord Provost said with such an event being held in Scotland for the first time, Scottish people will have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent Chinese lanterns and feel the charm of Chinese culture. In recent years, Chinese New Year has a growing influence in Edinburgh with rich and colorful celebrations, deeply enjoyed by the locals. As part of the celebrations of the Chinese New Year, the show will bring colours to the New Year’s celebrations and deepen mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples.

After the reception, Consul General and Lord Provost turned on the lights for the giant lanterns show which lightens up Edinburgh’s skyline with glow of over 400 animal-themed lanterns as well as prototype of Temple of Heaven, becoming a beautiful scenery on the cold night in Edinburgh.

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