Shanghai Style Qipao Hits The Runway at Edinburgh International Festival

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe kicked off the third Shanghai Season on August 24th and 25yh,with the 85 Shanghai-style Qipao dresses stunning the audience in Edinburgh.


As a signature event held by Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Fashion (SPCF), as well as the fruit of close collaboration between Donghua University and the University of Edinburgh, the Shanghai season featuring contemporary and futuristic Qipao designs vividly displayed Qipao works made of high-tech materials to the whole world, the third time the event has been staged at Edinburgh International Festival, which is dubbed "Art Olympics".


Mr. Pan Xinchun, Chinese Consul General in Edinburgh, Prof. Peter Mathieson, Principal and Vice Chancellor of University of Edinburgh, Ms. Katie Miller, Senior China Policy Adviser, Ms. Anne Diack, Cultural Team Manager and Mr. James Brodie, Regional Director of China Britain Business Council were present at the exhibition and show in Edinburgh attended by audience around 300 hundred people.

[Consulate General, Mr. Pan Xinchun (third front left), Principal and Vice Chancellor of University of Edinburgh, Prof. Peter Mathieson, (fourth front left), Vice President of Donghua University, Prof. Chen Nanliang (third front right), Director of SPCF and Curator of Shanghai Museum of Textile and Costume, Prof. Bian Xiangyang (second front right)]

Consulate General Pan said that Edinburgh does not lack such performing arts as music, drama, dances, but fashion shows are truly rare. The Shanghai style Qipao exhibition and show has been really unique in Edinburgh Festival in that it integrates the ancient Chinese philosophical thoughts of "the five elements" with latest technological development, conveying the vast inclusiveness of Chinese cultural tradition and deep understanding of technology and fashion.

The event "From Shanghai with Love" received extensive attention from national and international media, including China Daily, Xinhua Net, Tencent DSN, and Netease, while local newspaper "The Scotsman" lost no time in publishing the photos and reports of this event.


Taken place in the centennial Playfair Library of University of Edinburgh, the event was divided into four sections showcasing collections from Classics of the Past, Fashion of the Present, Power of Innovation and Technology of the Future. All of the garments allowed the audience to sense the art and technology, the innovation and inheritance of Qipao.

 "Tradition and Fashion - Exhibition of Modern Chinese Fashion" displayed 23 Chinese traditional costumes during the first half of the 20th century by Shanghai Museum of Textile and Costume, presenting the intersection of Qipao tradition and fashion in Shanghai, as the "Oriental Paris".


 "Fashion of the Present: Business Qipao Show of Shanghai Style", a brand jointly established by Shanghai Fashion Accessories Society, Donghua University and well-known Qipao enterprises, aims at promoting regional native culture. Designers add traditional Chinese philosophy, represented by "the five elements", to their artworks.


 "Power of Innovation: SCF Graduation Fashion Show" showcased the excellent graduation design works of Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation (SCF), a joint collaboration between Donghua University and University of Edinburgh. This design shows spotlighted a new generation of designers equipped with profound professional knowledge and reflection on social humanity, urban development and craft techniques.

"Technology of the Future" was intimately related to "the five elements", i.e., Jin (metal), Mu (wood), Shui (water), Huo (fire), and Tu (earth). Hence, across-disciplinary team of multilevel school-enterprise cooperation stitched together Shanghai-style of culture, science and technology elements such as health care, laser engraving and cutting, color changing material, to name a few. All design works, integrating fashion with high-tech, let the audience's imagination take flight.

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